The history of Radio communication started almost 100 years ago, with Marconis experiments.


Radios have had nearly all kinds of strange designs and have been made by use of a variety of technical principles. The fascinating thing by the very old radios is, that the actually can be used. For future generations, ”the childhood of radios” will be known as ”the stone ages of the radio” The old radios should be treated with the same care, as arcologies use. Digital radio is probably going to replace AM, and this will make the old radios useless. It is therefor important, that the original components is kept untouched in the radios. Then the future generations will be capable to restore there original condition, when the have lost there value in use.


Digital radio is the future. ANTIKRADIO hope, that it will be possible to receive programs on AM, in the future.


In Denmark it is normally that things which is more than 100 years old is called antiques. In other countries is it the end of World War II witch is the limit.    





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